When tested by a dyno, your engine quality is certified, rework is minimized and a trouble free life is guaranteed. 




SP TRONIC USA was founded in 2015 to provide products and services to the test area of internal combustion engines in general.

We have advanced technology equipment and high level of automation, which coupled with skilled manpower and a well-structured Quality Management System, enable us to develop with quality and speed, highly complex engine test always in accordance to our customer requirements.

Quality Policy

Meet or exceed the expectations of our internal and external customers, providing services at competitive prices and terms and with constant technological upgrading;

Meet the commitments entered into with our suppliers, internal and external customers;

Develop human resources aimed at improving the quality of services provided and the work environment;

Commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.



Be the best option for the provision of services for the product development of our customers.


Testing engines with qualified and fast services, though constant technological evolution.


Human Resources

Human resources are our greatest value.

Ethics in internal and external relationships, focus on the nature of the business, responsible management, and investment in structure, are the success pillars of our enterprise.


  Services & Products  

Engine Testing Services

State-of-art engine testing facilities to test Customer's rebuilt engines up to 1,200 hp, equiped with high quality dynamometers and a modern computerized data acquisition and control system, which provides safety engine operation, and accurate measurement of several engine parameters, as speed, torque, power, chritical temperatures and pressures, blow-by, fuel consumption.

Dynamometers & Accessories

Sales of a complete dynamometer equipment solution to perfom engine certification  testing for on-highway, construction, mining, power generation, and marine diesel applications up to 1,200 hp. 

Engine carts, resilient couplings, throttle actuators, break-out harness, cooling columns for water jacket and inter-cooler , DAC Systems,  are available.

Containerized Testing Center


Consisting of a preassembled, above ground, mobile, testing solution, it was designed for outdoor and indoor testing applications.

It comprises a test cell, an air-conditioned control room, a Facility Support Assembly that  includes the water cooling tower and recirculation plumbing and pumps, and a portable fuel supply tank.

It is capable to test diesel engines up to 1,200 hp.


  Engines Being Tested  



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